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Mirisbiris is an onomatopoetic  Bikol word for water running over the rocks.  Can you hear it?


OFFER a peaceful, relaxing, and welcoming haven where anyone—young and old -- can come together to learn about Nature, about life skills, about anything!  Mirisbiris is for the joy of learning. 

PROVIDE livelihood opportunities for local residents and college scholarships for their children.   At present, we are helping about 40 local students through college..  During the summer months, we offer a supplemental reading program for elementary school children of Salvacion. We also offer 3-day camps for local teens to help them cope with teen issues and to urge them to dream big and stay in school!

SHARE the beauty of the wonderfully diverse world of plants and trees and coral reefs, and to promote careful, sustainable use of these resources so they’ll still be here and enjoyed for generations to come;

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