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[ 1 ] The nearest airport is Legazpi City (Daraga), about 1 hour from Mirisbiris.  

[ 2 ] From Legazpi, you can drive your own car or hire a taxi to Santo Domingo. 

[ 3 ] Upon reaching the Church and town plaza, follow the road to and through Kalayukay.

[ 4  ] The next village after Kalayukay is Salvacion, and we are beyond the center of Salvacion.  

[ 5 ] Pass a gate on your right with Mayon Volcano as its design, and go another half km or so.  

[ 6 ] Our visitor center is a big blue and white building above the road to your left.  There is parking inside, but the driveway to get there is steep, so large vehicles and timid drivers should park on the shoulder of the main road. 

If you're counting kilometers, we’re 5 km east of the Church and Municipal Hall of Sto. Domingo, and on the way to the better known, upscale Misibis Bay Resort.   

We're open most days from 8 to 5, and evenings by pre-arrangement. Drop in visitors are welcome, but to guarantee a room for overnight stay, photoshoot, or other function, please book in advance. 


mobile numbers:
+63 995 536 8719; 
+63 917 604 6458;
+63 926 684 6807

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