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The COVID years, 2020-2022, were tough years for health issues, tourism, education, and jobs.    2023 was a start toward recovery.  Thank heavens we had no serious typhoons!

We've recently added a small store and snack bar at the entrance to the forest, a camping area with picnic table and restrooms
and, out through the forest, a gazebo and catwalk overlooking the sea and Mayon Volcano.

Stand-down from face-to-face instruction in schools during the pandemic posed particular challenges for those still learning to read.   In our village, the Mirisbiris remedial reading program filled some of the gap, but not all.   Public elementary and high schools used printed modules and didn't resume face-to-face classes until late 2022.   College students fared better, with online classes, and are progressing and graduating more or less on track.  In fact, in 2023, we had 9 students graduate from college and we'll have a similar number in mid-2024.  We're proud of all of you!

With renewed interest in gardening, we see quite a few "plantitas" and "plantitos."  Gardens and forests are great for destressing.  Music is also great for destressing, and  a talented local, blind musician, Mr. Jun Balinquit is providing live keyboard and guitar music on most weekends.

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